Why Terry Cares So Much

Once you meet Terry, you’ll understand his underlying philosophy of "always holding one’s personal character, honor and sincerity in high regard." This translates into how he lives each day to make everyone that he comes in contact feel and be better – whether spiritually, emotionally, or physically.

As an experienced therapeutic healthcare massage therapist with over 20 years of experience he utilizes an integrative approach to massage health. By placing an emphasis on identifying and addressing pain, limited range of motion, exploring past experiences with family dynamics, and other ailments, he creates a custom plan and sets a course of action that will develop a positive life pattern just for you.

Terry was trained by leading massage professionals and learned to pay particular attention to every individual’s health concerns. He is certified in Therapeutic Massage & Body Work by NCBTMB (National Certification Board Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork). 

There is quite a following for Terry’s services and he has many stories of clients finding benefit from his therapeutic massage and body work. His inspiration and inner strength come from God, the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Bible. There is no diagnosis or prescription, and Terry will make no claims of a medical problem. He will give you his undivided attention, listen to what you and your body is saying and provide outstanding massage and body therapy.




"Terry has been working on me for the past 15 years consistently. I mostly come for relaxation but always have something going on in my neck or shoulders. Always leave feeling better and relaxed. Terry has a lot of knowledge and skill. Thanks Terry."
- Katrina

"I've been seeing Terry for more than 10 years. My primary reason is for specific relief of sore muscles. His therapy is an important part of my healthcare and my general good, even excellent, state of health. He listens welll and is very sincere in his desire to help me. I strongly recommend him!"

"I've been working with Terry for almost 18 years following a painful back injury. The deep tissue massage and reflexology which he has recently added help keep me flexible and comfortable. His dedication to continuing education improves each session for me."

"Terry is an expert at identifying sources of pain and eliminating it through various massage and physical technologies. I always feel wonderful after he is done!"

"I have been coming to Terry for several years. His treatments are super stress relieving and the deep tissue massages helps tremendously for my physical challenges and I can be mobile pain free. My monthly sessions help me "maintained." Feel great when I leave.

"I started visiting Terry when I had severe neck and back pain that was causing daily headaches. Each time I received treatment my symptoms continued to diminish. Now, a few months later I am almost completely pain free. I'm sure before too long I'll be back to 100%.

"Terry is absolutely amazing. His experience and knowledge of reflexology is astounding. Once you leave, you will be counting down the days until you can return. You are so relaxed and feel like butter when you finally peel yourself off the table."

"I have come to Terry for several years. In the beginning, I only came when I was in pain from stiffness or an injury. I am 47 now and I have always been an athlete who stays in good-great shape. The last couple years I have realized the importance and positive impact that seeing Terry on a regular basis does for me. I have less pain, more flexibility, and I am stronger when my body is in its originally created state. My experience when I come to see Terry is life changing in a positive influence."

"Terry makes me feel like a Smore :) Love my sessions with Terry. Makes me feel refreshed, revived, and renewed. Keep it up! Thank you! :)"
- Jennifer

"Terry always finds my trouble areas and works on them to relieve tension and pain."

"Terry murders my feet, which helps the associated area of my body feel much better. I am one of his clients who has had problems for several years and is now overcoming them."

"Terry worked my feet to loosen tightness in right foot, leg, and hips. He also massaged these areas, they now feel normal- no pain."

"I have been coming to Terry for several years. Deep tissue massage has been a body savior. I couple that with reflexology and feel great when I leave. Monthly sessions are a must."

"I have been going to Terry for over 2.5 years. I am a bookkeeper so I sit and stand alot. I feel so relaxed all my stress and worries gone. I can't wait for my next appointment. I highly recommend Terry, he is very professional."
- Susan

"When I have an hour and a half massage by Terry, it gives me my energy back, helps me to concentrate on the health of my body. I'm 74, retired, and still wanting to feel like I did when I was 30 years old. I feel this therapy will provide it."
- Kay

"Second session. Feeling better all the time."
- Tony

"I started seeing Terry when I had unexplained head and neck pain. As he continued to treat me with reflexology and massage, I continued to get better and better! Now I’m back to normal."
- Mike

"I have Terry do my massage for over 10 years. He is great. I go home refreshed. He is doing a good job!"
- Tomiko

"I feel more relaxed; less stress, more energy. Excellent treatment and improved walking."
- 84 year old

"Very satisfactory. Every place/ thing feels better. I feel relaxed, moving better, my neck especially!"
- Carol

"Terry’s reflexology is extremely helpful and invigorating. He is very thorough and the most professional of any person I have been to. I have had massages and aromatherapy all over the world but Terry is the best! He is very deep tissue which helps relieve pain throughout your body."
- Dean

"Terry Rosen does an exceptional, therapeutic treatment. Deep tissue, myofascial release, and reflexology. Sometimes the pressure points are a little "tender," but Terry guides you through it all with breathing techniques. He truly does a treatment for the body and you feel relaxed and healthier. I’ve been coming to Terry for four years now."
- Rhonda

"Terry has been my massage therapist for 20 years! Hands down he is the best! You will know the minute he touches you that he is an expert!"
- Joanne

"Terry Rosen has been my massage therapist for 18 years. I have a massage session around once a month. Terry is able to loosen my muscles in the back and neck which can really relieve stress builds up in those areas. He has the strength and knowledge to give a true therapeutic massage to rebalance the systems of the body. I would recommend him to those seeking to relieve bodily stress. "
- David


“Tell me your idea of your perfect health and your perfect body function and then I am going to try to match that through therapeutic massage and body work.”

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